News Alert: Tesla Shows Off Its Solar Power Capabilities With A ‘Tiny House’ Touring Australia!

Telsa is showcasing its ambitions of solar power on the roads across Australia. In fact, the company is showing off its energy products across Australia in a unique way – in the form of a house on wheels. This house is having a series of stops across the country. The ‘tiny house’ consists of six solar panels and a Powerwall battery for energy storage purposes. This makes the house 100% powered by renewable energy sources, according to the company. This structure is also fitted with a configurator and a mobile design studio for the client to check out how the solar system would work in his/her own home.

The whole unit weighs approximately two tons. In fact, the structure is being hauled from place to place across the country by a Model X which makes the whole project a 100% clean energy affair. The tiny house is built with chemical free, locally-sourced timber. This allows the company to maintain the sustainable theme throughout the project.

Although Telsa is a US-based company, they have their sights set on Australia to achieve its solar energy goals. That’s because Australia is a country with an abundance of sunny days and a growing solar energy sector. In fact, the Australian market is one of the first to get the Powerwall 2. Elon Musk made a bet on Twitter confirming that Telsa could stabilize the power grid of South Australia within 100 days by using this technology. He followed up on this bet last month by announcing plans to develop a battery grid scale energy pool to power more than 30,000 houses in the country. The completion date for this target is set for December 2017.

Melbourne Federation Square is the first stop of ‘tiny house.’ The company plans to take the structure to other major Australian cities in October 2017. Telsa offers a chance for its fans to book a tiny house visit in their own cities via the website of the company. In fact, the company plans to spread their clean energy concept throughout Australia within a short time frame.