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The revolutionary new smart fortwo electric drive hit showroom floors in 2012, but Toronto Hydro Electric System Ltd. and smart Canada, a division of Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc., want to give you an exclusive chance to get behind the wheel now. As the first public electric vehicle program in Canada, Toronto Hydro and smart Canada will provide 15 selected participants with the opportunity to be one of the first Lead Ambassadors to lease a smart fortwo electric drive vehicle.

SEO Services For Higher Results

SEO services can help you market your products or services more effectively. Some people make a mistake of thinking that being online will help them get more customers. This is not the case as customers will only notice you online when you build an online presence.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, in short, is an essential part of the online marketing strategy that can help divert more web traffic to a website. This can help your marketing efforts as it attracts potential customers to your site.

Creating a good business website is costly and you will be counting losses if the website is not able to attract potential leads. Remember that the internet has millions of competitors. Therefore, it is a good idea to try as much as possible to come up with techniques that will make your website stand out.

Some people don’t know that they are competing against millions and end up letting a golden opportunity pass them as they fail to take advantage of the benefits of online marketing. However, optimizing a website is not something you can do by yourself especially if you want good results.

This is due to the fact that you may not have the skills required to optimize a website in the best way possible. This is why it is a good idea to hire a reliable and professional SEO service to help you improve your SEO rankings.

An experienced SEO services provider will help you reach more customers, attract more traffic, and boost your sales. There are many SEO service providers available and it is good that you do your research before hiring one. Look for an SEO provider who offers professional, skilled services.

Apart from the fact that they offer quality services, professional SEO providers also offer the best services at an affordable cost. Therefore, you will get a pocket friend package that will help you increase your sales. Research on the different SEO service providers available to help you make a wise decision.

SEO can only be beneficial when it is handled by experienced experts. A service provider with profound knowledge and proficiency in SEO can help you get the desired results. Such an SEO provider offers various promotional plans and creates SEO friendly websites.

SEO providers usually go through a website thoroughly and check for any weak areas of your site. This usually helps them come up with the best solutions possible using internet marketing techniques.

News Alert: Tesla Shows Off Its Solar Power Capabilities With A ‘Tiny House’ Touring Australia!

Telsa is showcasing its ambitions of solar power on the roads across Australia. In fact, the company is showing off its energy products across Australia in a unique way – in the form of a house on wheels. This house is having a series of stops across the country. The ‘tiny house’ consists of six solar panels and a Powerwall battery for energy storage purposes. This makes the house 100% powered by renewable energy sources, according to the company. This structure is also fitted with a configurator and a mobile design studio for the client to check out how the solar system would work in his/her own home.

The whole unit weighs approximately two tons. In fact, the structure is being hauled from place to place across the country by a Model X which makes the whole project a 100% clean energy affair. The tiny house is built with chemical free, locally-sourced timber. This allows the company to maintain the sustainable theme throughout the project.

Although Telsa is a US-based company, they have their sights set on Australia to achieve its solar energy goals. That’s because Australia is a country with an abundance of sunny days and a growing solar energy sector. In fact, the Australian market is one of the first to get the Powerwall 2. Elon Musk made a bet on Twitter confirming that Telsa could stabilize the power grid of South Australia within 100 days by using this technology. He followed up on this bet last month by announcing plans to develop a battery grid scale energy pool to power more than 30,000 houses in the country. The completion date for this target is set for December 2017.

Melbourne Federation Square is the first stop of ‘tiny house.’ The company plans to take the structure to other major Australian cities in October 2017. Telsa offers a chance for its fans to book a tiny house visit in their own cities via the website of the company. In fact, the company plans to spread their clean energy concept throughout Australia within a short time frame.

High Speed Internet Providers in Canada

Internet within the home is something that is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. In this article, we will discuss providers of high speed internet within Canada.

According to research done in the year 2013, people who live in Canada make use of the internet more than any other country or culture in the world. On average, each citizen spends roughly 45 hours browsing the internet each month, and watching videos posted online. In fact, within the year 2011, Canadians averaged roughly 300 views of videos per month. No doubt this number has gone up since then.

Since Canada spends so much time browsing the web, it’s no wonder why Canadians would be interested in finding the best high speed internet providers. In fact, in recent times, having high speed internet was declared as being essential for a Canadian’s quality of life. So what companies are out there that provide fantastic high speed internet service?

The first company on our list of providers is Bell Internet. Bell Internet provides high speed internet to those who live in the country of Canada. Service is available in either English or French, and Bell provides internet, as well as other packages and services such as TV and phone.

When it comes to internet, however, Bell Internet offers cutting edge service at high speeds and low prices. Packages are available, with the cheapest deal being at $29.95 per month (including a one time activation fee), and the most expensive plan, called the Gigabit Fibe, costs $149.95 per month. You can purchase internet through Bell Internet for either your home or your business, in order to have all of your online browsing needs covered.

The next high speed internet company that services Canada that we will discuss is Distributel. Distributel also provides service in either French or English, and the provinces that are covered by this company include Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia. As far as services offered by Distributel, you can purchase an internet plan, as well as TV and phone.

As far as internet goes, you can choose between high speed DSL or cable. Dial-up internet will cost you as little as $17 per month, and the best DSL internet plan will cost you $60. Each internet plan is highly affordable, so if you live within one of the provinces that is covered by Distributel, they may have a package that is right for you.

We’ve discussed Bell Internet, and Distributel. The third provider of high speed internet on our list is HeroNet. HeroNet has generated favorable reviews by those who use their service, and as far as internet plans go, they too offer DSL and Cable. Internet is listed as being “unlimited”, and there is no contract that you have to sign in order to begin your service. No cancellation fees is also a feature that HeroNet boasts, for those who decide that they no longer want to use their internet.

HeroNet offers service to Quebec, Ontario, and Western Canada. Plans are affordable, and “pay as you go” for your convenience. So if you live in either Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, or Ontario, HeroNet internet may be exactly what you need for yourself and your family.

In conclusion, Canadians are using internet more and more as time goes on. If you are living in Canada, and are hoping to enjoy the benefits of high speed internet, give any of these reputable providers a call and set up your affordable plan today. You’ll be enjoying the wonderful features of the online world in no time!

Smart Rainscreen Systems In Building Construction

If you are considering buying one of the new Toronto condos for sale, it is a good idea to check and see if it was built the newest, most advanced construction methods. These methods include rainscreen technology designed to prevent water from penetrating the building and causing damage.

The Purpose Of Rainscreen Systems In Building Construction

One of the best water damage prevention techniques is an installed rainscreen system. Rain is something that occurs almost everywhere. When it rains, the last thing you want is water in your new condo. A rainscreen system is one of the best new construction methods recently developed. These types of construction innovations are extremely important in building projects.

When it rains, water can enter the building cavity.  A rainscreen system catches this water, preventing it from entering the building at all. Instead, the rainscreen system collects the water from the roof or another area and then diverts it down pipes running alongside the building and into an underground system that releases it back to the earth.

A rainscreen system also allows for rainwater collection and return directly to the ground instead of heading to the storm drains. Rainwater is collected from the roof, then directed via downspouts to underground perforated pipes which release the water back into the ground. Rainscreen systems are more sustainable and are being used by more and more developments.

Before you purchase your new condo, read all the engineering studies done on the building.  This provides you assurance that there are no leaks into the building. Ask for an inspection of the building and unit.  Ask for an inspection or engineering report in order to determine the overall condition of the building. These systems have been installed in King Blue condos and some others as well.

Do your research so you understand how rain can damage the structure of a building, as well as how building design can help prevent rain and water damage through such interventions as a rainscreen system.

When purchasing a condominium, it is a good idea to ensure the building’s construction includes the latest techniques to prevent interior and exterior structural damage.